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why simple wins in these complicated world
April 24, 2018
i am just living in these world which is becoming complicated everyday and wings are coming more from this side. i learnt that KEEP THINGS SIMPLE. Today, i find it as more valuable resource in my life. i believe in it and follow it. i find my selves more happier than the early one. So […]
i believe in you.
April 17, 2018
I truly hope this writting will help you as you are seating with 3 friends. Hope, tomorrow and action. “I Believe in You” you are unstopable and going for miles before you and me sleep. In a world of masks and fakes and robots—where pretending is the grand fashion, I say the person who is […]
Time is everything on today, tomorrow and yesterday.
April 8, 2018
Bollywood star Salman khan was behind the bars for 48 hours in Rajstan. Australian cricket team captain Smith is punished for faulty behaviour in cricket. Warner is paying price and cry in front of media for valueless misconduct. World is a witness of Tiger wood, Crony, Vijay Maliya, Neeraj Modi and many more….. I believe, […]

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