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6 tips for successful Entrepreneurship and leadership by Lakshmi Mittal at IIM-A.
March 24, 2013
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23rd March, 2013 @ 7-00 p.m. Laxmi  Mittal  share his ideas in his convocation address at IIM-A . All have equal level of intelligence and trained in one institution even though you all shall be at different level of life and success. why?

Metal king Mittal narrated few most useful tips which cam e out from his experiences while walking on the street of world. Experiential learning have stronger values than anything ales in the world.

Laxmi  Mittal is steel kings and second reached person in Europe as an Asian.

1/ overnight success:

Achieve one after other goals like one brick after another brick, the way we create wall in home same formula could be used in life. One goal after another goal. success is not possible over night. I have invested 40 years in steel industry and 13 years in Indonesia was really hard time.

2/ be realistic with ambition:

You could start with very high ambition but keep both the legs on land and be realistic.  You could reach to stars of sky but you need to be very much realistic. You could start with very high ambition and reach to higher level but be realistic. I have started with no ambition at the initial stage of life.

3/pleasure in return:

what you are doing everyday will return only pleasure as result . If it won’t create pleasure than it will not help you in achieving greater  amount of success.

4/ power of decisions:

You have to take few decisions and power to follow those decision make substantial difference and impact in life.

5/ powerful team:

You also need very powerful team with you in moving forward. Sometimes, you may be found depressed and lost on the roads of life but team players will stand with you .Even day a come, when you decide to stand with team most powerfully which make you more powerful

6/ University intelligence is not enough:

Top class degree from top class university never guarantee you success. You have to apply your inner guts and senses to reach to next level of success.

I flew from London for this address .I think I should help new generation by sharing what I knew in my life. Great time at IIM-A.


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