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81: Roger Prevost is preparing himself for new records.
April 12, 2017
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Roger Prevost, 81 years old bodybuilding adept prepares himself before to set a new world record of abdominals in an hour, on April 7, 2017, in Tours. Roger Prevost beat his own world record on April 7, 2017 by performing 6,788 abdominal contractions in one hour.

Roger Prévost, an 81-year-old Tauranga, beat his own world record this Friday by performing 6788 abdominal contractions in one hour. Some fifty people had taken their seats in a room at the Tours City Hall to witness the performance. A bailiff has approved it.

For Roger Prévost, it is above all a victory over himself. In 2001, at the age of 66, Roger Prévost broke the record previously held by a Canadian with 6052 movements (versus 5935). His new record will be in registered in Guinness.
It was aimed at the 7000 bar With the face chiselled and all smiles at the end of the ordeal, the octogenarian former French champion of bodybuilding was satisfied with his performance, even though he aimed at the bar of 7000 abdominals in sixty minutes.

Age is only a number nothing more than it. One more time it is prove by Roger Prevost. Mnetal age is everything. Spirit behind life is the only thing. That’s all.

Do not know the age is. Count only happiness and accomplishments. Age is never a matter. Age is a game between mind and matter. If you matter it than mind takes over. When, it is took over than all things are lost. World is ready to welcome you as old man. So, you have to gear up speed of action and proudly announce that it is ” NEVER A MATTER OF MIND BUT IT’S MATTER OVER MIND ”

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