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May 6, 2015
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Extra dose in you add touch of master, one day. What can be the strongest traits you need to possess in achieving success? What strength can make you most successful? Trait which could add happiness in your life at constant rate. Slow but consistent happiness bring high quality value in life.
Following are the qualities which could feel like worthy person, you already are:

1. Focus on what is your strength

Instead of focusing on what you lack, focus on your goals, talents, and the things you enjoy doing most. Cultivate your passions instead of trying to change them. Remember, strength can make things happened, not weakness.
2. Work in silence
It is always good to work in silent and sincerely. Let success come one day. After that, let success speaks loudly, instead of you speak loudly for success. In fact, it is only a way for creating everlasting success.
You shows a true display of strength, depth, and pure self confidence while continue pursuing a dream without a constant stream of public appraisal. you must develop attitude to work out without lime light.
3. Everyone is feeling envy for you, except finger tip well wishers.
I promise, it’s not just you who thinks you’re a walking target. You’re not the only one worrying about how others think about or perceive you. We all do it. Sadly, and thankfully in this case, we’re all pretty self-absorbed. Our internal dialogue, when we’re not petrified that others are judging us, usually defaults to the bills we have to pay, the chores we wished our roommate did, or the spaghetti we’re eating for the fifth time this week (…and it’s only Wednesday). Everyone else is fixated on something personal that’s looming, not the haircut you think looks bad or the small stain on your pants.
4. You must laugh on what others!!!!
You need to laugh on others think for you when it is not boosting your spirit. People do speak at your back and sometimes in front also. It does not matter, what matter is, how you take it? How is your state of mind after those inputs? You need sound mind to justify reactions of people . Once, you find that something very important for you than accept it, adapt it, apply it.
5. Keep on moving
You need to be in charge of life. You have to move constantly. Remember, great lessons of life, speed are not important, unless you stand up. Once you hold on one place than certainly speed matters. Moving is most important from where you are with what you have. Moving constantly, without bothering what is the outcome and output? Certainly, a day comes, where you find that results are knocking your doors.Echos of your actions will turn around with soundness.
6. Patience is require at all level
You need lots of patience in your life, hopefully, it is continuously required. To be very frank, it is a way of life. Patience is unavoidable quality of life. And it pays lots. But to remain calm, cold, mature and non –reactive during those days is really hard. Of course, it is a tough game but leaders do play on hard grounds.
Patience pays very heavily at the end. Sometimes, you have feeling inside that all is lost, even, confidence level is shake at full.
But remember, golden rule is that patience till the last breath pay very heavily in life.
7. Develop method to make yourself fresh.
You could found that you are living in most un tolerated time of life. Lots of time you feel that enough .Now, it is enough. Sometimes, you feel that you are completely exhausted. You also find that all is lost and now the ray of hope is not found. Even, in such situations, you develop way of getting fresh and re charge your selves.

Develop system or habits or style or activities which can give you feeling of refreshment. After doing it, you feel that, you are now charge and recharge fully. Next morning, you can strike back in life, to prove, what you can create. you need to work out on system which can elevate your self esteem. Some activities and actions which can play vital role in your existence with freshness and add energy in you , in all most lost level.

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Dr Shailesh Thaker

Dr. Shailesh Thaker is a world-renowned management thinker and trainer on organizational behavior and development. He is the CLO of Knowledge Plus Inc., a highly reputed training firm based in Ahmedabad, India, helping organizations to achieve international benchmarks in management practices.

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