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90th: Warren Buffet. The world celebrates his life.
August 30, 2020

August 30

Buffett turned 90 today (August 30). Not many people know that while Buffett’s current net worth is $82.6 billion, he accrued nearly 90% of that sum after the age of 65. Legendary investor Warren Buffett was born in 1930 to Congressman Howard and Leila Buffett in Omaha, Nebraska.
I couldn’t possibly list all the interests Warren and I share. But one thing we discovered the first time we met is that we both love math and numbers. So in honor of Warren’s birthday, I thought I would share a few numbers related to turning 90—and to our friendship.

Bill Gates is a extreme level friend of this gentleman,.He share wonderful emotions in Happy 90th.

30: Number of years Warren has spent sleeping in his lifetime
(assuming he gets his 8 hours a night)

10,649: Days since we met for the first time, on July 5, 1991
2: Phone numbers I have on speed dial at my office—Melinda’s and Warren’s
Incalculable: The impact Warren has had on the world by committing to give virtually all of his wealth back to society

One of Warren’s most admirable qualities is his unshakable sense of right and wrong. It’s a trait he may have gotten from his dad, Howard, a stockbroker and three-term U.S. Representative from Omaha. During Howard’s first term, Congress got a pay increase. Howard refused to take the extra money: After all, he had been elected at the lower salary. Warren has that same high ethical bar.

Warren has a phenomenal eye for talent. He buys great businesses run by brilliant people, and then gives them the autonomy to make their own decisions. Most of the managers at Berkshire businesses stay for decades, often past the retirement age. Even if they make a few mistakes, they know Warren will stick with them.

For years, he admired the business acumen of Rose Blumkin, who had opened Nebraska Furniture Mart in 1937 and built it into the biggest furniture retailer in the country. In 1983, he bought the company from “Mrs. B.,” as she was known. She soon opened a rival across the street—and eventually sold that one to Warren too.

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