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A boat, A pig, and wisdom.
December 25, 2020
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Once a man was travelling in a boat with his pig.

There was a philosopher along with some passengers in the boat.

The pig had never travelled in a boat before, so it was not feeling comfortable.

It was frantically going up and down the boat grunting, and not letting anyone sit in peace.

The boatman was troubled by this and was concerned that the boat might sink due to the panic of the disturbed passengers.

If the pig didn’t calm down it will certainly drown the boat.

The man was very upset about the situation, but could not find a way to calm the pig.

The philosopher watched all this for some time & decided to help.

He said: “If you allow, I can make this pig as quiet as a house cat.”

All the passengers on board the boat, immediately agreed.

The philosopher, with the help of two other passengers, picked up the pig and threw it into the river.

The pig desperately started to swim in order to stay afloat. It was dying and struggled for its life.

After some time, the philosopher dragged the pig back into the boat. The pig quietly went and sat in a corner.

The man and all passengers were surprised witnessing the sudden changed behaviour of the pig.

The man asked the philosopher: “At first it was jumping up and down. Now it is sitting quiet, like a pet cat. Why?”

A philosopher said, “No one realises the misfortune of another without tasting trouble. So, when I threw this pig into the water, it understood the power of water and the usefulness of the boat.”

Similarly, Pigs that are jumping up and down in our country thereby disturbing its peace should be thrown in Somalia, North Korea, Afghanistan, South Sudan, Syria, Iraq, Pakistan or China for just six months. Then on returning to India, they will automatically be calm as a pet cat and will just lie quietly in a corner.

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