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Age is just a number & mind is unlisted.
November 13, 2017
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Bollywood star Amirkhan reveals out that ” i am on 18 from last 26 years.”

i like it.

Age is a number.

Mental Age is everything. Let physics have fix numbers and fix years. But main aspect is Mind.

Narendra Modi had demonstrated that anyone can take decision at age of 62 years. ( people usually decide to retire and count pant-ion)

Never count in years in life but count life in years. There is no point in passing days in life. Everyoen do it on planet. Most important aspect is Living by mind.

I am not asking to forget physical age, I am not forcing for any miss behave , i am not asking to be irresponsible.
My main idea is living.

Why you are not live ?

what is stopping you ?

Remember, it is never too late to start . None can go back and start fresh writing of days. Anyone can certainly write new page with new mood.

Age is not a matter to be mind ( not forcing to be immature).

Do not limit your self. Remove SLB !( Self Limiting beliefs )

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