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March 19, 2013

Today morning, i read that Nadal come back and strike in the tennis with smashing victory after a long break.

In the morning at around 7 am I am reading “The Times of India” and suddenly read a sports news sating Irffan Pathan is coming back. I was amazed and thrilled after reading that news. I thought that all leaders have to return to the place they were in life as life is always of different seasons and all the seasons of life has to be faced boldly. Success and failure both are parts of life. But, leaders never lose their confidence and efforts even when they fail. They keep on putting efforts and that effort gives them hope in their mind to achieve their goal.

Tiger wood came back and strikes after a massive fall in his life because of his extra marital affairs. Shri Amitabh Bacchan the star of bollywood still came back after a loss of 68 crore in Bollywood. Mr. Sachin Tendulkar without whom cricket would remain incomplete came back again after a bad injury.

Leadership is not basically what you are and where you stand. It is about what you want to be from the place you are today. There is always this place in each one’s life where they expect to reach. Living with good status and playing blame games is not the way to lead life. Pointing others mistake is once again not a good way to lead life and people. Applying intelligence to prove others that you are the best and blaming politics for your failure is once again not a right conduct. Becoming successful on your own and showing the world that you can do it by yourself is what is required.

Leaders have an attitude of listening and at the same time their actions can speak out results. They are silent and keep watch on the success and result. You must know that you cannot live life if you have a higher status because you have to always keep achieving new records and accomplish new goals. In the journey of gaining success you might fall a lot of times. But you must always remember that everyone has fallen down and then have gained success. Leaders who have fallen down have risen after that because the essence of leadership lies in striking back.

Falling down and facing bad time has always been a face of life, because life cannot be lived the same way every time. But you must remember that leaders always getup silently, act like fire, remain silent and focus n their goals. Lastly they never lose hope and work in present to focus on tomorrow. In short focus on their next goal by keeping all sense open and act properly. This is indeed the right way to lead life i.e. by striking back while facing setback.




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