Bad News for Maria Sharapova : story of 24 years ended because of one bad habit.
March 10, 2016
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The 28-year-old Russian’s career has been as much about her success on the court as it has been about constructing an image that’s marketable and glamorous. Sharapova’s achievements pale in comparison to Serena Williams’s trophy-laden career. Yet, like her American counterpart, she’s instantly recognisable worldwide.

she had been provisionally suspended for failing a drug test at the Australian Open in January 2016. Meldonium, the drug that had been part of the Russian’s life for a decade, had been added to the list of banned substances in January in that same month. Sharapova claimed innocence on the basis of ignorance. According to her, she had not read the mail sent by the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) notifying her of the change.

How , one bad habit can destory your career of 24 years.? How you could be found wrongly on path of life? How much damage is done to your career that only She can realise.? One bad habit is costing you heavily when it comes on front of world and show all colours in your life.


You cannot be found clean by calling press meet.Of course, it had made some ground for her in world. But it is a real story of lost ! lost! lost!.
She replied in her defense. “I had to lose my career [to injury] and never opted to cheat no matter what. I had to throw in the towel and suffer. I didn’t have the high priced team of (doctors) that found a way for me to cheat and get around the system and wait for science to catch up. What’s the point of someone taking a heart medicine that helps your heart recover faster unless you have a heart condition?”

Pretending it’s not a big deal

With the hearing set to take place later this month, Sharapova’s career and reputation hangs in the balance. Depending on the outcome of the hearing, she could be left utterly disgraced or redeemed. It would obviously be a major blow for the sport if a player of her stature was to experience a fall from grace. Only a couple of months after the match-fixing scandal rocked tennis, a doping ban for one of the sport’s most prominent faces is probably the last thing tennis wants.

i see it very much differently. It is the best example of talent versus values. Talent try to win over and make things happened at any cost irrespective of values and principles. One day , when Law of Action is executed, talent pay very heavy price.

She is paying today very heavily.All major companies are withdrawing from her and rejecting or refusing there relationship as brand icon. It is a lost in millions of dollars. She is loosing two things : career and money. Absolutely tough time and hard grounds. How she come over on this ground is a question in my eyes.?

It is a matter of 24 years. She had started tennis at age of 4 years. So , it is a matter of few decades. Over night , shocking NEWS come against world and we all see worst side of great success. How poor values and worst habits can scratch success in someone’s life.? One more time, Values win and talent lose.

At the same time, this issue has raised questions that tennis needs to address seriously. It has enjoyed a cleaner image than most other popular sports in the 21st century. No corruption crisis, like the one faced by FIFA, or issues of doping, that have dogged athletics and cycling for years, have hurt the sport’s image. But apprehensions over fixing and doping have been aired by players in recent years. For tennis, the chickens may have finally come home to roost. Sharapova is already losing sponsors and her reputation is in tatters. If she ends up with a lengthy ban, it won’t be just her who will suffer a powerful blow. Tennis will feel the pain, too.

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