Bollowood actor Akshaykumar : showing lessons of life management
April 10, 2015
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A new film ” Gabbar is back ” of Bollywood actor Akshaykumar is going to release soon….I find terrific learning in film. An actor have put weight of 14 kg. to play role very effectively. Role demands over weight and fat on body.An actor Akshaykumar is more fit actor and you hardly find extra fat on his body. But role demands, so he put up 14 kg. weight.

Justifying role and performing role and analysis of role is the key aspects of leadership. After accepting role, one have to adopt it and justify it.Most of the time, you find lacking in adopting role.Leadership is nothing but role balancing. Reforming multi roles and performing roles is an art and science of leadership.

After this film , his new film , “BROTHER” demands lose in weight and an actor reduce weight by 15 kg.As the role demands.

Following things, i need to appreciate at this moment.

1/ Discipline of an actor .( work out, diet, sleep, commitment , hard work )
2/ Accepting luck factor in life and giving credits to luck by 70%.

3/ Over night success is not possible ( investing 25 years)
4/ Fixed your value for performance ( his fees for performance)
5/ Balance multi roles ( family, leisure hours, hobbies,)

6/ Time management ( complete 4 films in a year .Remaining months, he balance multi roles )

Yes! Both are major factor in life. In fact, life could be excellent and meaningful ,if we follow , discipline. You must honour discipline.

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