Bollywood : Akshaykumar says: ” i hate sorry”
May 1, 2015
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Today , Film Gabbar is back is release. Bollywood star Akshaykumar is inspiring people against corruption. Corruption is unavoidable vice in society. Akshaykumar is fighting against corruption, specially, inspiring youth against establish system of corruption.

I am admire by this bollywood star for following qualities.

1/ Start a day around 5-00 a.m. and early sleep at 10-00 p.m. in night.

2/ Absolute bad habit free person.

3/ Daily following work out. Even, you can find few exercise tools in his vanity van.

4/ taking care of his two kids in the morning.Help them for preparing to go for school.If all permits, go up to school and drop them as common parent.

5/ Finish 4 films in a year. Maintain commitment of schedule of shooting.

5/ Marketing and revenue model as fees from film is most unique. He is paid for his performance, not his records and history.He is in the business of performance.

6/ Absolutely to the point and finishing work in time.

7/ Strict to his domain of bollywood. He had received offer from holly for 4 to 5 films but said no and strict to his domain of hidi films.Not changing his filed of strength. Absolutely strict to his main domain.

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