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CAWA YOUNOSI: A culture is asking questions to modern leadership.
September 29, 2020
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Modern leadership is facing challenges in the following area.

1/ Role model
2/ family and work balance
3/ leading by an example.

After investing 40 to 60 hours in a week’s time for your work what is the outcome in your life?

personal level
professional level

I have seen Germans are following it vigorously. They lead by example. I have a couple of experiences with Germans.

They walk on the talk. Hardly time arises when they have to sorry. I like it. As they are walking on talking. Believe in standing tall. They always lead by an example.

great to see it.

The Hon. Ms. Kirsty Coventry, Minister of Youth, Sports and Arts, and of H.E. Mr. Timo Olkkonen, Ambassador of the European Union to Zimbabwe will speak at the opening session. Throughout the week, training sessions, seminars, and visits to cultural venues in the city of Harare, Africa.

unconscious pressure on you is built up and leads you towards an imbalance of life. you did not enjoy life.

e. The happiness of life is far away from you. You are not enjoying your life to the fullest.

You are a perfect role model for your family. You have no options in the hands. You have to demonstrate class one leadership by demonstrating your balance behavior.

The waking up in life. I believe strongly in life that unexamined life is not worth living.

you have to examine, review, re-assess, and recount all the moments of life to know the real meaning of life.

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