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CEO: show your heart size while fighting against crisis of the earth.
March 17, 2020
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President Donald Trump had announced 50 billion USA dollars for the most unexpected crisis of the world.

let me say very clearly that time has come for the CEO to help the society, TEAM, and humanity across the world Corporate world must step ahead in the matter and declare help in fighting with the most unhealthy crisis of the world. No need to blame, compare or criticize or selfish. Time to save the earth and people. One life is not a small point. Isn’t it.?

ALERT! already shares. NOW is the time to awake.

He decare that we’re suspending the entry of foreign nationals who have been to Europe in the last 14 days from entering the United States. Citizens, permanent residents, and our families — and even the families returning from Europe, will be subject to extra screening as well as self-isolation for a period of 14 days

Google has 1,700 engineers working on this right now. They’ve made tremendous progress. Our overriding goal is to stop the spread of the virus and to help all Americans who have been impacted by this.

3M CEO: ‘We’re going 24/7’ to ramp up production of masks to meet coronavirus demand. CEO Mike Roman said the company is increasing the production of respiratory protection products around the world.
3M makes masks that are used to cover people’s noses and mouths.

Mr. Narendra Modi had to take huge prevention action to fight with the most un wish crisis. He held a video conference of SAARC countries also. Develop a dashboard to update every minute about the crisis and asked people OF India to suggest some great ideas to fight over with this crisis.

Times of India strongly recommend his TEAM Players to submit details online through emails or media facilities. Physical touch and meetings are to be restricted anyway. Editorial suggested wisely to the people.

The United Auto Workers (UAW), General Motors Co., Ford Motor Company and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) announced today they are forming a COVID-19/Coronavirus Task Force to implement enhanced protections for manufacturing and warehouse employees at all three companies.

UAW President Rory Gamble, GM Chairman and CEO Mary Barra, Ford Executive Chairman Bill Ford, Ford President, and CEO Jim Hackett and FCA CEO Michael Manley will lead the task force.

They will be supported by:

Terry Dittes, vice president, UAW-GM Department
Gerald Kariem, vice president, UAW-Ford Department
Cindy Estrada, vice president, UAW-FCA Department
The medical staff, and the manufacturing and labor leadership teams at all three companies.

I believe, people should not become PANIC. Fight with the situation with a positive spirit. Mental attitude is most important in the entire fighting.

CEOs must take care of the people. They have to protect their health wise first. offer all the facilities which they could offer to them. Health and happiness are everything for the leader of the organization. Still today, they all have nothing seen and work for the company. Now, it is the duty and action of CEOs.

The world must learn from China and Italy and Iran. protecting is not enough but a certain amount of help to fight with the crisis will be able to bring happiness in life.

Salute to the medical world. Alternative medical practices of Indian wisdom could throw more lights on it and lots of people have started implementing it in life. You can try it.

Jeff Bezos just made one of the largest charitable gifts ever
The Amazon billionaire has committed $10 billion to combat climate change. world expecting one more gift from him.

Moderna (NASDAQ: MRNA), one of the only companies with a vaccine in clinical trials for SARS-CoV-2 (the coronavirus that causes the disease), made news Wednesday when its CEO said that his company’s vaccine would be affordably priced.

Stephane Bancel said in an interview with Business Insider that he plans to price the SARS-CoV-2 vaccine, known as mRNA-1273, in line with other vaccines for respiratory infections. Although he didn’t offer an exact figure, one can look to prices for other vaccines, such as a pneumonia treatment, Prevnar 13 which has an average cost of around $240, to get a rough idea of what Bancel might be thinking

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