CHETAN KUMAR : Who Sustained 9 Bullet Wounds Is Ready to EXECUTE.
April 6, 2017
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5th February,2017 , he had been shot nine times during a gunfire battle with terrorists. Suffering from life-threatening injuries as a result of it, he slipped into a deep coma. And now, CRPF commandant Chetan Kumar Cheetah has not only recovered but, according to the doctors who provided timely medical intervention, he is ready to be discharged soon.
The attack that left Chetan battling for his life took place on February 14 in Bandipora district of Kashmir. He was first taken to a military hospital to be treated for his injuries, which included bullet injuries in the head and fractured limbs. Given the severity of his injury, he was airlifted to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) trauma Centre where he was provided crucial life-saving medical treatment by the doctors at hand. Within 24 hours of his having been admitted, a surgery was conducted to reduce the intra-cranial pressure wherein the surgeons removed a portion of his skull.
Willingness to live is everything. None can alter it or delete it . urge inside you is the true source of inspiration. Most of the time, willingness is disturb and affected. People around you had influence your belief and that turn in to sad demises.
One of the doctors spoke. “Once he was stable, different teams operated separately to treat the injuries. Ophthalmologists took care of the wound in left eye but the right eye couldn’t be repaired; orthopedics worked on the fracture in the limbs while critical care experts planned his antibiotic therapy.”

Chetan Kumar is miracle and creating history. I always say : failure people write and study history. Successful people create history.

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