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Creating a legacy: you decide what to do ???
March 4, 2021
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I thought I would win the world with my poem, but now I feel that you were wrong Santosh Anand. ‘ These were the words said sitting in a wheelchair, Santosh Anandana, the songwriter who rocks in the decade of Sitter and Anshi. This 81-year-old great songwriter, who has been living anonymous life for the past several years, came on the stage of a reality show and unveiled his helplessness and perseverance with shaking hands.
The current situation of an artist who has returned after reaching the peak of film-fair award winner and fame has made us emotional. The vibration of their hands and body, shook the ‘un-corrupted soul’ within us. We also cried with them. For the sake of satisfaction, the wave of sympathy turned back on social media overnight.
The only reason he showed on national television the most horrific, scariest and horrifying form of the end of human life. A man can show the most sympathy for that person, in which he sees his reflection.
The successful, renowned and famous songwriter of 81 years has shown us the mirror of old age and life’s sunset through his condition, and we are shocked to see our reflection in that mirror. We have neither art, nor song. There are no words, no music. The question is who will take us to national television by sitting in a wheelchair? Who will stand next to us holding the mic, to hear the pain of perseverance and the cry of loneliness? When we are suffering from Parkinson’s Disease or Dementia, whom should we complain that now day seems like night?
Even though he is on a wheelchair, an artist who only survives with will-power wants to join two hands and tell us that what is earned in life is not important, who is earned? This is what is important. A meaningful relationship can make life’s sunsets enjoyable.
The only thing is that when this body is sinking, it is necessary to have someone beside us to see the sun-set of our lives. Fame, power, prosperity or wealth cannot change our diaper. Emotionally unavailable and careless care-takers will be busy mobile sitting next to our beds and we’ve become em-mobile.
Then only one event can make our death’s horoscope alive and that’s a conversation with a familiar person. The death in the absence of a loved one also seems fade and incomplete. Looks like this farewell isn’t right. Have to come back to die specially.
The proof has been found that award, achievement or success cannot make the end of a human being pleasant. When the Mahaprasthan comes near, standing-ovation can only be given by those who are connected with us through emotional attachment.
Footage, Mike, T. R. Pk sympathy we won’t get. We have to arrange our end ourselves. Atleast by planting a relationship, which can be said with shaking hands that life is nothing else, it is my story. If the characters of our story stay around us for a long time, that is God’s grace and our biggest capital

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