October 12, 2012
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Success of competency is competency itself!

Do not compete with people around you and in the larger world if you do not have the advantage of competency. Competency is the knowledge about oneself in what skills and knowledge you possess that will allow you to do something successfully or lead to superior performance. It is the ability inherent in us to tackle new situations with good effect based on our previous experiences. Competency usually increases over time as we stay more focused about ourselves as we acquire more information and ability through inquiry, observation, and participation.

When we feel competent, we can face new challenges with calm and confidence. Our competency helps even those around us who feel more comfortable and secure and it inspires them to seek knowledge and skill in their own domain.

In real life victory lies in competing with oneself as the road to self-development is never ending.

When you start comparing the work, wife, home, family and success of yours with others you finally end up generating envy or pain. Comparison can be odious while the instinct to compare may seem natural. Have you ever thought how one’s life can be different if we embark upon improving ourselves instead of worrying and comparing things which are behind our control? Let this be the day in your life to free yourself from fruitless comparison and take effective action on things you can change that needs to be changed. This is the way to ensure you are driving on the road of competency.

Life is a different cup of tea to what we take it for granted. There are surprises in store everywhere from the day we started and to the level of competence we have reached today.Regular review of oneself helps to improve our competency levels.To know the true potential one has to reach the fullest level so that one knows how far the real achievement is and that is the essence of LEAD TO WIN series.

Competency is like truth and peace,lying within oneself.

Real war is between you and your surging competencies and not with the people around you.

As long as you breathe this life is your only chance to reach up to your ultimate competency level.

Indeed, there is lot more in life to compete and win over. The true meaning of life lies in mastering oneself rather thancomparing to what you achieved vis-à-vis others. The real score that matters is in mastering one’s own self and overcoming the odds as we progress in life.

When you as the most single person become known for your action and competency you will be surely subjected to unwanted jealousy.That, to my personal observation, is what competency is all about. When people around you start feeling jealous it means you are on way to reaching your true competency level

The single most exciting thing you encounter in life is competence, because it’s so rare. No outside world can make it happen in life. Even the skills learnt in schools will wither away unless the competency level reaches its fullest with your own sustained efforts. It is a proud place to be in before the world showing the Himalayan heights you have scaled imbibed with the self-confidence of your own competency. It is the new meaning in life that is cynosure of all eyes.


Everyone goes to school and college. Do the years make any difference to life? After all learning is not a stagnant process. It is an ever evolving helping you to reach a place where you can understand the true joys of life. But for that to happen are you applying what you had learnt?

Remember, there is no point fighting with the world and others around you.You can win an argument nothing else. In my eyes, there is nothing left after winning an argument and losing friends in the process. It is but a Pyrrhic victory.

Winning over people and becoming successful is not, as is commonly perceived, a true victory.True victory lies in mastering oneself and reaching to a new level in life by optimizing competency levels.

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Dr Shailesh Thaker

Dr. Shailesh Thaker is a world-renowned management thinker and trainer on organizational behavior and development. He is the CLO of Knowledge Plus Inc., a highly reputed training firm based in Ahmedabad, India, helping organizations to achieve international benchmarks in management practices.

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