GANDHI AND KING : one soul but two different bodies.
February 28, 2017

King was a Christian pastor of the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church.

Gandhi was pure hindu leader and believe in God.

Gandhi believed that God brought humans to existence to work for their food. If one ate without working for the food, one was considered a criminal.

In the book of Exodus from the Holy Bible, Moses frees the Jewish people from slavery in Egypt. Martin believed that his goal was related to what Moses had done. Instead of freeing the Jews, he was trying with all of his heart to free African Americans from segregation in the United States.
Gandhi and King recognized that nonviolence was the only way they would approach their goal.
Even though Gandhi and King were assassinated while fighting for their dreams, their dreams became a reality after their death.
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. are leaders who were assassinated while fighting for freedom without violence.
Gandhi was killed on January 30th, 1948 in New Delhi, India. He was with some family members at a prayer meeting when he was shot three times in the chest by Nothuram Godse. “There had been five other attempts to kill Gandhi, but they all failed.” (
King was assassinated by James Earl Ray with a sniper in Memphis, Tennessee. He died at the age of only thirty-nine years on April 4th, 1968.
Gandhi’s goal was for India to gain independence from the British Empire.
King’s dream was racial equality.
Both of these men used God, nonviolence, and leadership performance throughout their
lives to reach their goals.
King wondered how Gandhi was very close to Jesus without getting close to Christianity.

Whereas King learned about Jesus from the religion of Christianity.
Both leaders helped others follow their faith in God. For different purposes, Gandhi and King believed that God was always there by their side.
Gandhi was certain that the person who was telling the truth would not have to use violence.
In “Martin Luther King, Jr. on Leadership,” Phillips states, “nonviolence was not a way for the weak and cowardly but for the strong and courageous” (64).
Gandhi and King realized that nonviolence was the main thing that would help them succeed.
Leadership performance by Gandhi and King assisted them to reach their goal.
Gandhi was a significant leader even though he did not speak in public.
King was a huge public speaker!
Gandhi’s actions were stronger than his words.
To come upon truth, he had to be silent.
King had no problems speaking in public because it was natural to him. He was raised in the environment where he was required to speak in public.
Silence was important to Gandhi, it gave him more encouragement.

The people loved the way King delivered his speeches.
Although one of them used silence and the other used publicity to inform the people, Gandhi and King were both huge leaders.
They both had strong faith in God.
Nonviolence was their main technique to gain their dreams.
Leadership performance helped them get closer to their dreams.
Gandhi and King never gave up on doing what they believed was .

I believe very strongly that BOTH the leaders will make strong image in coming years and world shall be able to understand value of this great leaders.

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