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May 12, 2013
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Chris Gail Fastest and Tremendous inning of 176 runs on just 66 ball in 31st match of Indian Premier League (IPL’6) 2013 against Pune Warriors India. In this inning Gale has made and breaks the many records, He is the player of Royal Challengers Banglore at this time the top most team in IPL six season 2013. In this match he made the fastest and brilliant 100 runs on just 30 balls that is the fastest Century Record IPL History as well as T20 Cricket history and nearly unbroken record set by him, In this inning he also set the record of the most individual runs in an inning i.e 175 runs that is also a new record in T20 and IPL history, other one is the most boundaries record in single inning, next record is most sixes record in inning, that was the day of Gayle on 23rd April 2013. Watch here complete video of Chris Gayle Brilliant 176 Runs on 66 Balls vs PWI in 31st IPL Match on 23 04 2013.

Doing is everything.  You must do. Action in right direction could produce very high level results. Action with commitment, involvement and inspirational attitude break all past records and create records in the world. They way Chris Gail is doing.

People know but they do not do. Most of intellectual people, I come across, they know, doing is the essence of success. But somehow they do not do. When they are asked by boss or seniors they do with dislike feelings. Why???

When you know that it has to be done than why  you are waiting for instructions.  After those instructions only you do. Why?

Leaders never wait for instructions of doing. They do first and produce most desirable results. World appreciate those results.  People discussed their performances and achievements. Do you think that Chris Gail was instructed ?

Doing without expectations is true essence of life.  If you are fail to produce expected results than you will be very unhappy, even after doing. So doing without any kind of expectation is true way of leading life.At the end of action, you have emotions inside are I have decided to do it and I have done it. My role is over. Doing is in my control and in my purview. Remaining all other are not under your control so do not concern for it.

.When you are directed to do even though you do not do that is worst. I will be glad to share with spiritual philosophy further that God have send one person in your life to do it so you could have new future and better time. Even though you did not listen him, now who will change your destiny? You are not doing it, even you are directed by other one although you do not do. Now, how you can expect your destiny need to be change. You could have higher level of success? How you could reach to new level of life? How you could transfer those dreams in to reality?

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