INDIA at 2050: next world leader.
May 4, 2018
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Can India achieve number one economy status by 2050 when it celebrates the centenary of its Republic?

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Will the nation eliminate absolute poverty and improve its human development record?

This book emphasizes the centrality of a Purchase power parity, GDP, Skills, Education system, skill set, age of youth, global manpower hub, Human capital, status of happiness, robot technology, smart city, new sky city, Energy alternative, Life span, bio gas technology, marriage life, food and nutrition, Tourism and travel, sky city tour and many more……….. India shall be 40 times bigger than today’s status. IMG-20180507-WA0130 (2)

India’s GDP will reach up to USA $ 27 Trillion in 2050.

Current, leadership in India have to be proactive in the listed 19 areas and 10 challenges which India is facing today are explain very well in book.



India can achieve such prosperity by following systems and technology, IQ level of people shall be top most across the world but they have to work on attitude and communication and technology. It is within this framework that India will devise its independent development paradigm rooted in its own traditions and realities.

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Dr Shailesh Thaker

Dr. Shailesh Thaker is a world-renowned management thinker and trainer on organizational behavior and development. He is the CLO of Knowledge Plus Inc., a highly reputed training firm based in Ahmedabad, India, helping organizations to achieve international benchmarks in management practices.

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