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August 8, 2018

The South African has been proven to be a great man-manager and motivator of the highest level as his players will testify. One of his best qualities is that he prefers to remain backstage and let his players hog the limelight.

So no wonder he is liked by one and all in the team and has formed a very strong bond with his wards and captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni. One of the tactics that he uses to motivate the team is writing a letter to each individual player after the end of every match.

  one such letter that he sent to the players after the India-Pakistan ICC  World Twenty20 match, which they won by nine wickets. It is important to note that the Indian coach was all praise for his team’s performance in the field against Pakistan. He picked up Suresh Raina’s run out as the turning point of the match and such brilliance in the field should see India retaining their world title.

Coach have to play balance role and lhave to lead his team to global standards .He make sure that team achieves international bench mark.Coach

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