Kangana Ranaut : meeting challanges everyday…
April 24, 2015

Actress Kangana Ranaut, who is seen mouthing dialogues in Haryanvi accent with surprising ease in one of her avatars in the trailer of upcoming movie Tanu Weds Manu Returns, says it was very challenging.She found it tough to make the accent and body language convincing. “It was very challenging for me,” she added.

National Award winner Kangana in a double role of Tanu and Kusum. Kusum is a tomboy of sorts and for the character, the actress had to go rustic and speak Haryanvi. She added it was most changing .

Even her journey was full of obstacles. She had made her place after 2 national award winner films, initially, she had fight everyday with her career. She was not so fluent with English. She did not get most effective roles. Roles which were offer to her were not up to mark. The way , people around in Bollywood look was most embarrassing.Journey was full of challenges.

She never go to award nights, public functions and unproductive shows like Amir khan.She said i am not following him , but i do this way. I do agree with her, she know power of real success. True success lies in her performance, results and acting.Surface level success will bring end any day , any time.

i find following most effective leadership lessons from Kangana Ranaut .

1/ Do not believe in surface level success.
2/ Do not get upset while face challenges.
3/ People around you are selfish and thank less.
4/ Concentrate on your career ( even you can delay marriage)
5/ Be to the point and clarity in thinking.

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