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Knowledge is a currency of 21st century
September 4, 2016
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Few most inspiration words which can change anyone’s lives. Remember, in 21st century, person is call uneducated is not learning new things and changing him selves everyday. World is becoming competitive everyday. Every moment something NEW is happening in world. You must catch the speed of change to survive in current time.

1/ The most powerful state of mind is PEACE and PASSION. I also see and feel deep relationship between PEACE and PASSION. Few people in world are bless with these state of mind. You have right to add your name in this list.This is a rare list.

2/ I like horse for strength and sides are cover to focus very much properly. i also like some deafness. to hear people around you less. Now, i can focus and avoid hearing of others people which is most of time frustrating or keeping me away from my routes.

3/ Can i become wanted today ? I mean people around you love to share time, place, ideas and emotions with you ….You become most wanted person to create feeling of oneness.

i have decided to improve in 5 points in next 60 days. No option, no alternatives. No arguments, No debate,No reasons ,No logic just RESULTS

5/ executive EXCELLENCE is everything.People who are doing something will make mistakes. Mistakes are part of execution. People are inspire, dream, set goals, make a note and promise to deliver. But find fail at EXECUTION.

6/ i avoid status of too many ideas and no execution.

7/ What you have lesser value than what you deed ( ACTIONS).DOING is everything.

8/ Why do not you focus on brilliant matters instead of tinny events

9/ YOU AND ME CANNOT live forever so matter is to LIVE when we are alive

10/ Do not held up between MILESTONES and MOMENTS

11/ “You don’t want to be merely the best. You want to be the only ones who do what you do at the best. You are the only one in the world and time has come to prove it by actions only .( people may doubt your words but not results)

12/ Fail for 9 times. Get up for 10th time.

13/ World is waiting for excellence. You are standing in row with rank 1.

14/ i have promised my selves that today will be my master day., i will live day in most exciting and perfect manner and give my 100% to my work.

15/ Success and failure are not opposite of each other, in fact, Failure is a part of success.

16/ No matter how much your house if big, No matter which car you drive today. No matter what is your title. I am concern with your heart. i am humble to you not to your status.

17/ Are you a rainbow or silver line or dark cloud ? It is up to you not to someone else.?

18/ i am busy in DOING. Tomorrow, i have meeting with IMPOSSIBLE.

19/ i like heart very much as i can feel inside. Feeling is more important. I am feeling pride for being connected.

20/ You could be fail today but tomorrow you could be successful Vice a versa, Today you are successful and tomorrow you could be fail. Time is important not status. Learn observing time and eliminate status and life style.

21/ I like solitary. Sometimes, i feel that loneliness is far better than bad company. Now, i am firmly believing in company which you are carrying. People around you play vital role in your life. Throw a sight and find out and count it. You will get some good facts..


23/ Today is war between TALENT and LUCK. You see talent less person win over with no efforts. You also see person with great talent struggling for success.

24/ sometimes, doing nothing is truly doing.You had done enough in life so today is a time to enjoy, fun, relax, rest, sharing, sleeping eating favorite dishes, wearing new dresses, photography, Remember, life is gifted to all of us for LIVING not to become MACHINE.

25/ i am broken 100 times. I face 1000 challenges and 10 times fall very badly. i have missed target when i was trusted to accomplish. I was insulted enough in life . i am blame for failures for which i am not responsible. That is why , Today, i have reach to status and accomplishments.

26/ You are not at certain place in life yet? Do you get in return so far of your efforts ? Do? you feel that your potentiality is always underestimated. ?
Ask your self what is next ?. Remember, NEXT is a medicine which can cure you immediately for tomorrow.

27/ Person who is HAPPY is not because Everything is RIGHT in his Life..
He is HAPPY because his Attitude towards Everything in his Life is Right..!!,,

learn 4 things to live in 21st century…
1/ manage finance smoothly and smartly.
2/ Believe in NOW.
3/ Do not make too much big steps.
4/ BE master of one specific skill instead of knowledge of everything.

29/ world is occupy in connectivity, dis connectivity and over connectivity. Connect with what is meaningful.. Dis connect with which is keeping you busy and creating stress in life. Over connect with self not with people.

30/ i am a traveler of very much difficult roads as i have dream of most decent destination.

31/ Ego is a lesser-known evil that eats into our minds as we grow in our careers.

32/ In 21 st century, person who is not improving and changing is out dates and dead person

33/ Life is given once only without end notice but it can be executed any time without any message so live it fully.

34/ You must improve finance and talent level everyday.

35/ you must watch your words before you speak than you will come to know about your thinking.way.

36/ LEADERSHIP without pressure, crisis, tough people, balancing, and silent enemies is not possible, specially, in public domain.

37/ You must follow and chase the things that matters you.

38/ Proving worth by deeds only is a true way of leading life. Concrete steps and solid path can inspire others to move forward in life.

39/ Start going 100% at what place you are with what you have. See miracles will happened soon in life.

40/ Super fictitious success and celebration of those surface level success are unlimited.Do not dwell in to but create NEW PATH so mankind can walk over for years too come.

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Dr. Shailesh Thaker is a world-renowned management thinker and trainer on organizational behavior and development. He is the CLO of Knowledge Plus Inc., a highly reputed training firm based in Ahmedabad, India, helping organizations to achieve international benchmarks in management practices.

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