leader need coaching : Usain Bolt and Saina Nehwal are enjoying fruits of coaching
October 26, 2012
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Good Coach can help blossom potentiality

Roger Federer says as matter of fact, My dad said if you become a tennis professional just make sure you get into the top hundred because you have to make a little bit of money. You make a living so you can pay your coaching and your travel expenses.

Despite enormous talent Federer was dazzling only in bits and pieces before he hired Pete Sampras’ old coach Paul Annacone who put his tennis game and career on the right path. The rest is history.

A good coach is a friend, guide, and philosopher and understands the latent talent of his pupil. Coaches mould their wards with different set of skills which is hardly seen in a manager or chairman of a company.

A good coach is like a potter who knows the quality of the mud and how to shape into an attractive pot. He kindles the talent yet to be seen by the world by taking his pupil to a new level of mental makeup.This is what helps his pupils to achieve their dreams. The beauty is the coach does it positively and smartly and with passionthat follows a well-defined coaching philosophy leading to his wards ultimate success. Every good coach has a formal coaching philosophy statement to make when talent differs from person to person and a set of rules may not be commonly applied.

London Olympics bronze medalist shuttler Saina Nehwal was fortunate to have as her coach Pullel a
GopiChand who fully well understood her weakness and plus points. For Usain Bolt the year 2005 turned memorable because he began a fresh start in athletics when he got a new coach Glen Mills who infused Bolt with a new attitude to athletics. These coaches had seen the potentiality of their wards and acted accordingly. Today both have earned their rightful place on the world stage.

You can have coach in all fields: spiritual, physical, professional, family,Reiki learning; language skills. You can have one for financial planning for most effective financial management. You need someone who can make you a better family player. There could be multi coaches in life as all the roles are different.

To be with right coach and learning constantly with the right attitude is the aim of “WIN TO LEAD “series. You can be the most powerful person if you remember the golden rule of life that there is always that extra oomph in you that could take you to new heights. The hidden potentialities are just waiting to be unlocked.

Olympic player Joe Sakik asserted, You need a lot of leaders, but a hockey team needs a voice, not only in the community, but more importantly between the coaching staff and the players. There are always ups and downs in a season; the captain is the guy players look to in those situations.

Do you have a coach to guide you and take you to the next level? If no time to begin your new life with aright coach.

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Dr. Shailesh Thaker is a world-renowned management thinker and trainer on organizational behavior and development. He is the CLO of Knowledge Plus Inc., a highly reputed training firm based in Ahmedabad, India, helping organizations to achieve international benchmarks in management practices.

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