May 25, 2015
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India has showcasew one more story of ocnfidence in Boaxing. 15 year syoung Mandeep Sandhu has won tournament of FIBA in juniro category.

Sandhu is a great sotry of mtivation and inspiration. she ahd started training at the age of 7 years. Her father have no money which he could spend for her career. Even, he could not buy another shoes for her.Her father have 1 acre land and earn Rs. 20,000 per year. Her mother was serving milk of buffalo.

But she started with intengtion, confiednce and determination. slowly, people around her helped .She had won 3 god medals in under 52 kgs category.

Mandeep Sandhu specially share two things :

1/ contribution of coach Balwantsingh Sandhu
2/ won Rs. 1100 when she won first time national championship.

i am able to narrate 5 most motivating learning messages from Sandhu.

1// Resources are always limited.
2/ Starting is important
3/ Coach is require to extend limits.
4/ you are full of potentiality
5/ slowly people around you joint you.

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