Meet Mark : Becomes Top Fitness Model At 52 Years Old
November 11, 2015
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Meet Mark – Can you believe he’s 52 years old? And unlike most 52 year old men who are struggling with an aging body… This guy is fighting back. And what’s most unlike the other men his age… he’s actually winning.

He’s currently a rising fitness competitor and a fitness model… and believe it or not, Mark has said that he’s in better shape now than he was when he was in his twenties.

Now, just to clarify, Mark hasn’t always been in this great of shape… in fact, a year ago he found himself in the worst shape of his life.

And like most older men his age, Mark was quickly gaining more and more belly fat as each year went by.

He was uncomfortable with the way he looked and felt and was even starting to deal with joint pains from the steady weight gain. Mark decided that it was time to make a change.

He started by changing the way he ate by following a pretty strict diet. He also began working out, thinking that it would help him to lose his belly.

However, like most older men have experienced… nothing seemed to work. Mark recalled gaining a few pounds even though he was working out hard and eating next to nothing.

He was confused by all of this, and decided to mention it to his doctor during his annual checkup. And that’s when he discovered that the problem causing his weight gain, lack of energy, and ever expanding belly fat and was due to something very common in older men – Low Test.

Low T has recently been a hot topic with many of the top men’s health articles. The reason for this is because research is now showing that a man’s test levels can actually start decreasing every year as early as their late 20’s. And on top of that, some men actually never even reach optimal hormone levels as they mature… and this is one of the main reasons why these men have been hauling around their belly fat their entire life.

And to Mark’s surprise he was told that if his test levels continue on the decline like they were… it wouldn’t matter how hard he worked out or dieted… nothing would change.

His doctor also explained that this is a very common thing among men, and is the main cause of male aging and health problems.

Now, if you’re a regular guy like Mark… you’re probably not exactly sure what test even does besides making you a man.

So, in short… this male hormone can increase fat burn, prevent fat storage – specifically in the stomach area, and help to support muscle growth.

Now the most shocking part to Mark’s story is that, instead of accepting his choices of either living with his belly fat or taking a lifelong prescription of steroids from his doctor…

Mark decided to get control of his hormone levels the natural way…. using his own body.

He explains that the reason for making this choice was due to the high health risks that’s involved with having excess belly fat and especially with taking steroids. Neither of those options would work for him and he needed to find another way.

You see, prescription steroids are exactly the same as illegal steroids – They work by giving the body an outside (synthetic) source of test while never helping your body to recover.

In addition, the cost would easily range in the thousands every year.

So, instead of the medical treatment, Mark’s doctor revealed to him that there were 5 rare, but natural, ingredients that could help a man increase his own body’s natural production of test.

However, he also warned Mark that it was difficult to find a safe source for these ingredients.

You see, national ingredient suppliers and manufacturers explain that most of these key hormone boosting ingredients that Mark was searching for are only found in third world countries.

And also, these natural ingredients are often produced in unsanitary or unregulated facilities.

Many of these ingredients would rot, after being stored in such poor conditions… And in fact, under United States sanctions and regulations, these foreign-produced ingredients would be considered unsafe for human consumption.

And according to Mark, it took him 4 months to finally get in contact with a US manufacturer that distributes these ingredients under US regulated conditions.

Mark spent months extensively researching a supplement that could provide these male hormone boosting nutrients he needed. After months of researching scientific journals the name of one supplement kept popping up — Test Reload.

Test Reload is manufactured by Afterburn Nutrition, an American supplement company from Austin, TX. According to the manufacturer, Test Reload is claimed to “increase test production,” “reduce estrogen production,” and to “support muscle building and fat loss.”

Being an experienced with supplements though, Mark was skeptical of these claims. Before investing in the supplement himself, he needed to make sure of two things:

That the supplement had strong scientific support, and
That men like him were using it to get results in the real world.

After further research, Mark was able to confirm that the claims made by Afterburn Nutrition had extremely strong scientific support behind them.

Mark spent months doing research on Test Reload, and he was able to find many different studies which showed that the ingredients in the Test Reload formula were effective.

2 For example, he found that the US National Library of Medicine shows that the main ingredient in Test Reload -“D-Aspartic acid” is dosed clinically at 3.12g – Meeting the true dose that delivers a 42% natural test level elevation within 12 days

3In another test performed by The Us National Library of Medicine… (white button mushrooms) another key ingredient in Test Reload – were tested… and found to block aromatase. Aromatase is the conversion of Test to estrogen.

4Lastly is their proper dosage of Vitamin D within the blend, this could directly increase free test in the blood… Study from Dr. Abraham Myerson, showed that five days of “vitamin D exposure”, increased total test levels by ~120%.

Furthermore, after scouring the internet, he saw that customer reviews for Test Reload were excellent.

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