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My goal is to stay one step ahead of every loss: Carson
July 25, 2019

Carson Pickett, 25, is a professional footballer in the United States. He plays in the defender’s position on behalf of the club football team Orlando Pride. He has played a total of 95 matches in club football.

Carson also met Joseph after the match. He said: ‘I want to inspire hundreds of millions of children like Joseph and show from my game that they are not descending from anyone.
“In my childhood, I realized that I was missing something,” Carson Pickett said. With no left hand, I could not shave my hair, play with friends. Then I accepted it and it was only after this loss that I became a force. I then molded my life in such a way that I could do everything on my own terms and conditions. I am one step ahead of my loss. I’m successful. With this image I want to meet all my children.

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