January 21, 2017
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New Book Reveals The Life Leadership Mantras ( GOD AND GODESS show show way to talent development)

World is bless by God and Goddess. Human life is gifted to live on planet for happiness and upliftment of soul.
Life is truly very simple and clear and clean. Somehow human had made it complex and confuse.
None is gifted to you except living. You are on planet to live! Live! Live.
Human being could have only one goal in life that is living….
World have great past and superb present and promising future.
Can world take great past to future? If yes! up to what extent.?
If no than world can effort to lose great past at this juncture of world.
World have great past which is full of wisdom and knowledge. World is accumulated with refine knowledge and wise wisdom.

Human being has to apply this great knowledge for uplifting level of life…
In my life,
I had lived, i have love, i have lost, i have fight, i had missed, i had mistakes, i had blames and i had insult, i had an opportunity and most of the time i had lived!!!
My serious concern do i had learn from God and Goddess ? When i am thinking about people, events and experiences, i call learning. But do i have same attitude when it comes to God and Goddess?
Can i learn ? i want to be responsible for application of knowledge.
By praying regularly without single fail what did i get out of it? (Man/woman is basically selfish)
My answer is ‘blessing’
Am i able to transform those blessings in to actions and results?
World is believing in language of results.
I am sure…. following efforts will be great help to mankind. Trying to help humanity further by knowledge. Can humanity convert blessings in to results? Can humanity have advantages of that wise knowledge in so confuse and complicated current life?
I have no regret, complains, pain and arguments but i have pleasure, compliments, supplementary and offer. I know life is wonderful and everyone had an only opportunity to pass over planet.
None cannot effort to waste time and space.
I have a prayer to God that kindly offer me 5 senses which could help me in living and living.
Lots of time is passing on…. do not want to waste much more time also…
Enjoy happy learning….happy living….
We could have one God only. Absolute one God.

Leadership lessons offer by Hanumana and Ganesh are mind blowing. Global spirit of Mahavira, Buddha,Christ and Prophet Muhammad (s.a.a.w.) is to be understand very much properly in current aspects. Rama and Kirhsna always indicate lighting lessons so humanity at largec could in inspire and find ways of life to live.

Godess Laxmi,Durga and Saraswati are symbols of Money,Energy and wisdom. These 3 Godess are showing power of strength.

Difference between Religious and spiritual are to be learn by society.

True Dharma is lying in which element ? Why moksha are is more marketed? Why things are uneasy and un understandable or easy to digest than it is call MAYA. ? Why actions of God are keep away of common men intelligence. ?
Why Rushi culture is slowly demolished and sadhi- saint system is adopted slowly in society ?
Why actions ( hard work ) are not so popularise in current world ? Why spiritual journey like Yogi Paramhansa had shown is not widely accepted. Why Swami Vivekananda came out with knowledge concern ideas philosophy which had been show more in books now?
Why Upanishad are not become so popular and not shown in every house ?

A word of caution: Don’t go by the slim size of the book. This publication needs to be read slowly and mulled over at length. It is then that the big picture emerges in tandem with the mythological accounts and stories and corresponding case studies from the world of business.

Linking mythological themes with the present day materialistic world is not every author’s cup of tea. “The Leadership Sutra”. It links and contextualizes the concepts of business and management with the ancient Indian God and Goddess.
Emphasizes the need of a more inclusive business environment where talent is not kept outside to safeguard the interests of family-run enterprises. To bring out the need to change, adapt and evolve – a dire need in today’s cut-throat competitive world. The tales are many and so are the lessons drawn from them.



BOOK : Hard cover bound and 4 colour printed.
PAGES : 92
PRICE : Rs. 249.
publish : 2017 year.
ISBN No: 978 93 8381 4169

Time is pass enough, have a happy reading.


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Dr Shailesh Thaker

Dr. Shailesh Thaker is a world-renowned management thinker and trainer on organizational behavior and development. He is the CLO of Knowledge Plus Inc., a highly reputed training firm based in Ahmedabad, India, helping organizations to achieve international benchmarks in management practices.

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