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November 30, 2014
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As much as I love TV and movies, there is one thing that ****** me off so much that it makes me sick.
Why is it that fat actors (males) are mostly paired with these incredibly “Hollywood ideal” beautiful, skinny women? Yet, I’ve never seen any fat actresses who are paired with impeccably gorgeous, toned men. Hmmmm….let’s take a look.
Case in point (thanks to Matt Feeney):
On “The King of Queens”, smoldering working-class babe Carrie (Leah Remini) is paired with beer-gutted Doug (Kevin James).

On “Grounded for Life”, the lovely, voluptuous Claudia (Megyn Price), is paired with the dumpy and scraggly-bearded Sean (Donal Logue).

On “Still Standing”, in which Judy (legendary ’80s hottie Jamie Gertz) is married to the surly Bill (rotund, high-voiced English actor Mark Addy). (Matt Feeney wrote this descriptions)

Then we’ve got:

Jack Black (who, I absolutely love and find kind of sexy, but he’s still not anywhere near the “Hollywood ideal” of a sexy man) gets together with the wonderfully, beautiful Kate Winslet in “The Holiday” and stunning Ana de la Reguera in “Nacho Libre”.
John Candy hooks up with Amy Madigan and Laurie Metcalf in “Uncle Buck” and Stephanie Faracy in “The Great Outdoors”.
And, these are only a few examples of this horribly gross double standard.
And, don’t even get me started on the actresses Hollywood is trying to put off as being fat. America Ferrara, Kate Winslet and Salma Hayek are NOT fat. I only wish I was that “fat”. Sure, they’re MUCH sexier than all those stick-thin, anorexic actresses that are on every magazine cover, but they are not fat.
And even worse? Skinny actresses wearing fat suits. Or skinny men for that matter (freaking Eddie Murphy). Thanks a effin’ lot, Paltrow, for making me feel worse about myself. I think skinny actresses in fat suits are degrading to us real fat girls. Hell, I would LOVE to be thin and beautiful, but I don’t need people like Gwyneth Paltrow attempting to “understand how I feel.” Paltrow, you will NEVER understand how being a fat girl in today’s society feels. And, for the record? Why couldn’t they have gotten a real fat actress for her part?!
I want to see fat actresses (who are usually more beautiful than the bulimic ones we always see) with beautifully toned, sexy men. I want Kathy Bates making out with George Clooney. I want Leslie Boone having sex with Colin Farrell. I want Kirstie Alley at her heaviest weight being lusted for by Brad Pit. I want to see Camryn Manheim being romanced by Matthew McConaughey.
I want to see Keanu Reeves, Adrien Brody and Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp and Jude Law having beautiful, loving sexual relationships with fat girls. I’m sick of all the fat, geeky and sometimes dopey male characters being matched up with these beautiful, skinny women.
Who represents us fat girls in the media? Where are our “fantasy” relationships?!
I find it easier, and more realistic (even though people aren’t really like this) to watch two equally beautiful people together, i.e. Brad and Angelina in “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”.
My observation is people are quick in judging double standards but slow in improving self. People are excellent in finding out others double standards. But when it comes to self , speed is too slow. Why?
Risk in double standards very high. Once , you are caught in your standards than your complete creditability is lost. Your character which is built up after the investment of years could be lost in part of minute.
You have to choose inner voice or double standard. You could treat people anyways but if the people treat you same way than you are hurt. You can do whatever you like with people around you but if people do it with you than why you are hurt?
At least, i am not able to see any strong reason for justification. Even, justifying would be very much wrong attitude. Acceptance and asking for forgiveness could be more appropriate attitude .Accepting mistake and asking for forgiveness could be real and right path in the life.

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