Power of ‘NOW’
March 21, 2013
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There is no distance on this earth

as far away as yesterday.

                                                              Robert Nathan, So Love Returns.

The first recipe of leadership is not to live in the past even though it is full of happy moments. Things indeed depend upon the actions you do today. Yesterday has already gone and you do not know what tomorrow has in store for you. The only thing that is left with you for now is today. So plan the things that you will do in your present. Many professionals always ask me in my workshop that is it not fair to cherish sweet memories? Is it not right to cherish the great moments of the past? My answer for them is no.

I would say it very clearly that invest everything in the present to create another bundle of sweet memories. World will itself call for all those memories and you need not create them. All you need to do is create more records in order to break your previous records.

You try to spend all your life thinking about how you will escape one day and how nice will it be to imagine about the future as that alone keeps you going. But sadly you never do it. You only use the future to escape from the present, asserted that John Green, Looking for Alaska. The limit to our realization of tomorrow will be the doubts that we have today. Hence let us move forward with strong faith.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

You have the worst time today, but probably you could have had the best time today. But here the important thing is that time never remains the same all your life. Life has different seasons and you must learn to live it in different seasons. Simply analyzing time, condition and situations is not the right attitude. Instead living in that time and condition is a better attitude because things never remain the same and change accordingly. There is no point in buying the past back and investing the present for memories. Why should the past steal your present? Why do you need to dream more for your future? Though planning and focusing on the future has substantial value in life, there is more usage of the moments that are in the present.

Why don’t you have just one goal i.e. to live to the fullest in the present? Why do you want to live more with past and plan more for the future? I have come across lots of professionals who lived with their past. They used to keep on discussing things about their past accomplishments. Most of their discussions were about events or people. Now what did they gain by discussing about events and people? You really cannot do anything now if you are busy discussing the past.

Do not waste fresh moments by discussing the past. Cherish the present moment be it any situation with people around you. You have to face the hardest challenges tomorrow but then it is the next day and not the present moment. You cannot spoil your present by inviting worries. Your tomorrow is already worst as you are going to meet you challenges. However the true essence of leadership is you live today with full spirit and face the challenges with the same spirit tomorrow.








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