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November 30, 2020
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At a traffic signal, I was waiting for the red light to turn green. I noticed an old woman standing on the payment, some of them ignored her while some were generous to spare a few coins. Then came a young girl on her scooter she pulled out a ten-rupee note from her wallet and handed it over to the old woman. I wondered how each one of them had a different view of that old lady, some just had no time for her while a few wanted to help her and this young girl eagerly wanted to do something good.

Sitting in my vehicle I was praying that more and more people should come forward to help her. Next moment there was a counter thought. I believe in Karma Siddhanta (Law of Karma) and so I was thinking that at the end of the day the old lady will have exactly the same amount of money which is destined, so does my prayers mean anything ???

After a short contemplation, I got the answer, for me to do anything I get the inspiration from Him it is called “Prerana.” Without His Prerana nothing ever happens is what Srimad Bhagavatam says. Prerana is not an order it is an inspiration. If I get inspired I will be generous to spare a few rupees for the needy. That Prerana will inspire either my “Buddhi” (Intellect) or my “Ahamkara” (Ego). If the Buddhi is inspired then constructive things happen through me if my Ahamkara gets inspired then destructive things happen.

Arjuna got the Prerana continuously from Sri Krishna. In the middle of Bhagavad Gita Sri Krishna tells Arjuna that everything will go as destined and all the Kaurava prince along with Bhishma, Drona and Karna will enter Him in the war, but who will be its cause is not known. If Arjuna is to be the cause then he will be victorious.

Now the question is, was Sri Krishna partial to Arjuna alone? Agreed that Sri Krishna is also called “Pandava Pakshapati” (One who favored Pandavas) but He had inspired Duryodhana too. Sri Krishna as an ambassador for Pandavas had asked Duryodhana to give five villages to Pandavas, Duryodhana’s ego got inspired and he rejected the offer.

Coming back to the old woman at the signal even if I ignore that lady she will get what she has to get at the end of the day, but where is my role in that chaotic setup? His inspiration, I can be the one through whom she can get what she deserves as destined. I can help the old woman with His Prerana which has inspired my Buddhi it will be like “Diyo Yonah Prachodayat.” My prayers to Him will aid and route that Prerana from Him to inspire my Buddhi, not my Ahamkara, this is where my prayers to Him matter most.

When anything constructive happens because of His Prerana through me then it will be for his Priyatram (For His Pleasure). For every deed, I perform the result would be either selfless or selfish. Those fruits of the deed which yield a result which is selfish are deeds that is performed with the inspiration from the Trigunas (Satva, Rajas & Tamo) in me. While those acts which are yielding results that are Selfless are got from being Gunatita (going beyond the Trigunas). All those deeds that happen with the inspiration by Him (Vishnu Prerana), it is most beloved to Him (Vishnu Prityartham).

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