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Role of teacher ……noble profession is to be redefine.
September 20, 2018
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I see a great difference between A TEACHER and THE TEACHER.

Teaching is a noble profession and built up for noble people. It is a matter of choice not a chance. I believe, very firmly that , a teacher by a chance cannot do much more in the life.

Biggest flavor of this profession is that you are working with live people. Absolute live characters. What a pleasure and happiness.

Once question was asked to great poet Tagore that who will survive at the end of earth.

Poet replied :

” teacher and poet “.

I also believe terms like educator, teacher, learner, Guru and Rushi are to be redefine now… Time has come to make it new. Everyone is to be aware of new definition.

Following are the main role play qualities of the teacher.

Learning mediator. …

Interpreter and designer of learning program and materials. …
Leader, administrator and manager. …


Scholar, researcher and lifelong learner. …


Community, citizenship and pastoral role. …

Assessor. …


Learning area/subject discipline/phase specialist

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Dr Shailesh Thaker

Dr. Shailesh Thaker is a world-renowned management thinker and trainer on organizational behavior and development. He is the CLO of Knowledge Plus Inc., a highly reputed training firm based in Ahmedabad, India, helping organizations to achieve international benchmarks in management practices.

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