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SUCCESS: One step away from failure.. Kapil sharma is facing….
April 3, 2017
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Digesting success is biggest crisis of today.

With dipping TRPs and exit of some of the important artists like Sunil Grover, Ali Asgar and Chandan Prabhakar, the future of The Kapil Sharma Show looks very bleak. 
Things have not been the same ever since the mid-air drunken brawl between Kapil and his crew came to light. There were speculations about Sony not renewing its contract with Kapil, but the recent reports suggests that the channel has shown some faith in the comedian and has given him some time to pull up his socks and get his act together. Sony’s contract ends in less than two week but now they have been given a month’s extension.

Digesting success for leader is biggest crisis.

I find clear difference between celebrities and leadership; You could become celebrate with the help of talent but you cannot become leader.

Leadership is not everyone’s cup of team.

To be successful in respective field is far easy, than to digest success and sustain success. I find more difficult to digest it. It is hard to remain normal when you have everything. It is too easy to be normal when you have nothing.

You have to perform thank you for reaching at excellent level. Of course, it is too hard to reach to this level. Most of the time, people around you will ask you when you will reach to this level. After reaching to that level, they will ask you how did you reach to this level.

First step is to attend success. but once you reach to that level , second step is to digest and third step is to sustain. Of course, there is a limited space on top to stand for long time.

Nothing can replace your hard work, your accomplishments and your results. but at same time, it does not offer to develop unusual attitude which could hurt people around you.

Everyday, people are calling you but once you become successful than your assistant answer you. This difference is not accepted by people around you. Finally, it is ended in worst scene.

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