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Suicide: permanent solutions to a temporary problem
August 11, 2020
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Bollywood star Sanshansingh Rajput is dead last month. Still, it is not finalized that it was a suicide or murder.

Another T.V star Sadhna to commit suicide a day prior.

Yesterday, in Gujarat Mr. Gautam Patel had committed suicide in his home.


all have enough name and fame.

They were full of so-called happiness. I mean, money, status, power and position in the society.

What had to force them to commit suicide?


they bring the end of life. Today, they are no more. Finally, their family members are facing an absence of personality.

I do agree that the pressure and embarrassment of the issue is so high. Circumstances never allow positive solutions to the problems. A committed person never sees a solution to the matter. He tried his level best to bring the solutions.

But fail.

No way out.

He does not see any results.

Because of that pressure, he is found under threat and fear. he cannot share it with anyone.

He remains silent and feeling lonely.

He lost his trust over strength and potentiality. Even, no knowledge can help me to come out.

He takes up the decision to end life. He thought he is the owner of life. So, he decides to bring close of the life.

Now here the most important truth is avoided. You are not the owner of the life. It is gifted to you bu nature. And nature has the power to bring the end. Earth has the power to throw you out from nature. How can you decide to bring the end of life which is never your absolute property?

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