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Learnings for Adults
one-liner: powerful ways to change your image.
January 5, 2021
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Words are the most powerful way to inspire people. I am trying it daily my this blog. Today, I am trying through one-liner. see the magic. how does it help through by to the point one-liner? 🌞50 most positive one-liners… 1. Have a firm handshake. 2. Look people in the eye. 3. Sing in the […]
Learnings for Adults
Be a doer, not a talker.
October 7, 2020
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Talk is cheaper, Execution is difficult. Don’t talk just show Don’t say just show Don’t promise just prove Don’t waste time of life. just deliver. world is looking forward for DOER. i like people who can make the show live. How much it is good to die with unused potentiality? Do not you think that […]
controversy : life has no rules that is a rule
May 9, 2015
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Life has no rules. Today, i am sharing most controversial idea and way of life… Many of us are possessed of a frightening confidence that This-Way-Is-The-Only-Way-And-There-Is-No-Other. It’s time to calm down and call ‘baloney’ on some of that.For the most part, life has no definite rules. There are multiple roads to wealth, health, success and […]