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Corporate Training
3 Idiots – Motivational Programs for Principals, Ahmedabad
February 26, 2010
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Management and Motivation Programe based on Bollywood Movies – 3 Idiots – Passion Leads to Excellence by Dr. Shailesh Thaker at – Goldan Glory Hall, Karnavati Club, S.G. Highway, Ahmedabad. Click here to Read Online Article
Corporate Training
Management Lessons from ‘3 Idiots’ Movie
January 5, 2010
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1.  Never Try To Be Successful Success is the bye-product. Excellence always creates success. So, never run after the success, let it happen automatically in the life. 2. Freedom To Life Don’t die before actual death. Live every moment to the fullest as you are going to die today night. Life is gifted to humankind […]
July 27, 2009
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One of the main stream of Bollywood Anilkapoor said,” last week I was travelling three continents, from LA to Durban and Mumbai. I love my work passionately .Saturday and Sunday I was in LA. I get restless. Saturday and Sunday everything shuts down. I just learned what a week end is. I had worked 24/7.There […]
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SUCCESS, TALENT and EGO are the worst mix
April 9, 2009
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If you are having this mix then ‘Beware’. There is a thin line between egotism and confidence. You need enough self esteem to perform at the best level and MTH (Making Things Happen). If you are really true to your inner power and need to realise true potential, ego can be a too small matter […]
Change: Alter your clothes or alter your body
April 3, 2009
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“Change is inevitable – except from a vending machine.” Robert C. Gallagher Everything is going to change; only change is permanent. Leader has to watch market, world, time and people. How ‘change’ will affect the moral of the team, business and goals. Change resistance is to be handled positively. You should focus on deep changes […]