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Life Management
What was Enzo Ferrari’s great secret?
September 15, 2017
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…Why does Ferrari only produce 7,000 vehicles each year? …What’s the real reason these cars are so very special? ….What can make you master and increase achievement in your life. Peak Performance Assets model that has helped the billionaires and icons, i believe in results. What could be your peak perofrmance development model? 1/ 1. […]
why world have only few woman leaders? Shery Sandburg.
August 2, 2017
So for any of us in this room today, let’s start out by admitting we’re lucky. We don’t live in the world our mothers lived in, our grandmothers lived in, where career choices for women were so limited. And if you’re in this room today, most of us grew up in a world where we […]
10 keys can change your life from this moments.
October 28, 2015
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Someone who is not ambitions may not be bothered with the fact that he or she is less successful, and that person might just be working on other personal goals. Perhaps someone nurtures modesty as a primary virtue. However, the definition of successful person that I’ll use in this article is someone who manages to […]