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Mood: the secret to healthiness.
November 15, 2019
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The only difference between a good day and a bad day is your mood ( mind). How you see time and space. So it is an internal factor or external source.!!!! Lots of questions and debate could be allowed here.\ Shall one allow curiosity? Shall one go for the race of happiness? Shall one go […]
Focus on focus
September 25, 2019
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Your power is just a story on you and once you realize it than it has power on you. Delete it. Forget it. discard it. leave it. Past is nothing but experiences of time. It is only in memory only. in fact, there is nothing tangible in today’s affairs It is a mind occupancy and […]
Secrets of Nelson Mandela’s leadership
June 27, 2013
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Time managing editor Richard Stengel once called him “the closest thing the world has to a secular saint.” On the occasion of Mandela’s 90th birthday, Stengel shared eight lessons of leadership from the great anti-apartheid leader’s life that were culled from new and old interviews with the former South African president. (Stengel worked with Mandela on […]