March 27, 2009
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Most of the part of the world is facing SLOW DOWN.

In such a situation, what can be my role to make my organization survive in such turbulence?

Be a solution, not a problem. Be a part of the team not apart from the team. Be proactive, not wait for good time to come. Be an opportunity sicker; do not wait for lucky time. Be a listener, not a speaker. Be emotional quotient leader, not intelligence driver. Be a future oriented leader, not a past carrying record holder. Be an important priority driver, not an urgent matter holder.

Be positive, not negative.

I came across a wonderful experience in my MDP (Management Development Programme) in Dubai. I was conducting a session on “CHANGE YOUR THINKING – CHANGE YOUR LIFE.” I asked one of the participants, what is your blood group?

He answered promptly “B +ve.”

I asked, “Repeat.”

He once again replied loudly, “B +ve.”

I asked, “Can you find a meaning of your blood group?”

He was silent. He took a long time to think. Entire hall became spell bound. There was a long and uninterrupted silent. He was staring me….

I said, “Your blood is positive and God has created you positive. But, you are developing a negative attitude in your life unconsciously. You may find less difference between positive and negative attitude but it makes major difference in your life. Why are you showing negative attitude in such a critical time?”

What is your actual role in the company now days?

Notice and re-evaluate your role, right now in the company. Meet your boss with a request for 10 minutes to have a counselling session. Try to know and ask him these questions, “Whether I am performing my role up to satisfaction and up to expected level or I have to leverage my performance.” Try to understand your role from peers, boss or well wishers, who are in the company and wants you to improve for better tomorrow.

Always try to position yourself positively in the company. Remember, your one of the major understandings is to know what are your peers expecting from you? You must ask one question to yourself; “Why am I paid? What is the cause to pay me heavily?”

You have to become responsible for what purpose you are in the company. Find significant difference every year in your performance, especially during recession time.

About author

Dr Shailesh Thaker

Dr. Shailesh Thaker is a world-renowned management thinker and trainer on organizational behavior and development. He is the CLO of Knowledge Plus Inc., a highly reputed training firm based in Ahmedabad, India, helping organizations to achieve international benchmarks in management practices.

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