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November 3, 2014
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If you are walking down in the streets of southern Germany, than you will find apartment of Albert Einstein, where he was born.
Albert Einstein says there are only 12 living people know in the word about the theory of relativity. More than 800 books are written on the subject with an objective to understand and explain theory of relativity.

His school life was full of shyness. He was never top ranking. Lot of time his parents were called to visit school for his progress. Fear was created up to that level, that he is subnormal. His teacher has always complained for his progress. Later on he comes up as great genius of the planet. One of the most popular men on the earth.
Most of the people set their hearts on richness, fame and power. Let me share , the captain of a transatlantic ship once offered him the most expensive suits of rooms on the vessel, but Einstein refuses and said he would rather travel in the steerage than accept any special favours.
When, Eistein reaches his 50th birthday, Germany over whelmed him with erected a bust of him at postdam, and offered him a home and sail a boat as a token of nation’s love. After few years, it has been taken away from him. He was afraid to go to mother land. He lived in Belgium for few days unknowingly. Every day police were after him.
When, he arrived to USA to become professor of physics and mathematics. He explains theory of relativity with very simple illustration. Suppose, you are seating nice girl for an hour even though you are thinking that it is only a minute. But when you seat on a stove for a minute, you think it is an hour. Well, well so that is relativity.
Einstein married twice .First wife took divorce with him for one reason that he lot of time forget to have satisfactory sex life with wife.
His wife Faru Einstein explain that he have two rules. First , he has no rules whatever. Second, be independent of opinion of others.
Once, he gives credit of his success to two things. Plain paper and pencil. He said, I am successful because of thinking and writing down on the paper and pencil.
Once, while riding a street in Berlin, he told the conductor that he did not have given him the right change. The conductor counted the change and found it correct, so he handed over it to Einstein saying:
Once, he visited with his wife to the friend of her. After dinner, long discussion and enough sharing, Einstein says, I want go for sleep. Wife stopped him she said, we are not at our house. We have to go to our house .We cannot sleep at the guest’s house.
His principle of happiness was excellent. He said he do not want anything from anyone .He do not want fame, honour, title, money and praise. He makes his happiness out of his work and playing the violin and sailing his boat. His violin brings joy in the life than anything else in the life. He says, he often thinks in music and often lives his day dreams in music.

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