October 23, 2009
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President Hugo Chavez called on Venezuelans to stop singing in the shower and to wash in three minutes because oil exporting nation is having problems supplying water and electricity.

He added, “Water level is critically very low in the EI Guru reservoir, one of the world’s largest dams. Some people sing in the shower half an hour. No kidding, three minutes is more than enough. I have counted three minutes and I do not stink.”

“If you are going to lie back in the bath, with the soap and you turn on what’s it called “the Jacuzzi”, Imagine what kind of communism is that? We are not in the time of “Jacuzzi”, we are using airplanes to try to force rain from clouds.”

Chavez urges to support his action plan in the time of crisis of water and energy. He is showing situational leadership and focusing on the values of political party.

Leaders always focus on values and situations. He directs the followers accordingly. Need of an hour is situational leadership without changing values and philosophy.

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