vacation or vocation.
August 19, 2019
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According to a recent study from financial services company Allianz Global Assistance, more than a third of Americans haven’t taken a vacation in two years. For this study, a vacation is considered a leisure trip of at least a week to a destination more than 100 miles away.

The 11th annual Vacation Confidence Index looks at Americans’ vacation habits. Almost half (44 percent) of those surveyed said they didn’t have the money to spend on a vacation. Fourteen percent said they cannot take time off work, with 25 percent of those ages 18–34 listing this as their reason for not taking a vacation.

“Americans are still consistently underutilizing their paid time off, with the average working American taking fewer than half their vacation days and a third of Americans reporting they haven’t vacationed in more than two years,” said Daniel Durazo, director of marketing and communications, Allianz Global Assistance USA.
When asked if they plan to take a vacation this summer, only 42 percent responded yes. However, 21 percent of those surveyed took a vacation in the last three months, up 7 percent from 2017.

Vacation or vocation ????

Is it something that the place , where you are not using your talent

A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you’ve been taking.

Does vacation is connected with mindset?

Does it need a free mind?

Does it require to break from regular working or catching places to showcase your talent?

I have seen great leaders do not enjoy the vacation of a single day in the last 3 to 7 years. Absolute performing on the role which is assigned to them.

What I understand is that it is a mindset only?

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