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Walt Disney: Micky Mouse is popular, almost 90% of humans that are alive.
February 17, 2020

Walt Disney Inspiring Success Stories that Show How to Overcome Failures
He was fired from the newspaper animation job for “not being creative enough.” And that was the turning point of Walt Disney’s life.

I like it ” The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”

Instead of moping around, Disney drew motivation from getting the boot. He started creating characters, one of which made him a fortune he couldn’t even dream of at that time.

Today, Disney’s Mickey Mouse is so iconic that its popularity is more than almost 90% of humans that are alive. Think about that – a cartoon character so larger than life that it overshadowed real humans.

Disney went on to win 22 academy awards (the most ever!) plus 4 honoraries, taking the tally to 26. He’s also the most oscar-nominated person in history with a total of 59. From getting fired to becoming filthy rich for the same reason he was fired for, success stories like Disney’s should be taught in school.

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