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What do McDonalds, Harley-Davidson and Avon have in common?
December 12, 2009
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Here are the top 10 brands from the list and a summary of judge’s comments for the year 2009.

1. Coke – responded to new trends with its macho no-cal beverage Coke Zero.

2. IBM – has changed its focus to environmental issues, health care and mass transportation.

3. Microsoft – has forcefully taken on rivals with the search engine Bing and survived Apple’s barrage of negative advertising.

4. GE – has become a green company by using its ‘ecomagination’

5. Nokia – has dominated mass-market handsets with tough, easy to use, low-key products.

6. McDonalds – McCafe drinks have given new life to sales figures.

7. Google – has maintained its cuddly brand image.

8. Toyota – has positioned itself to blossom as the economy revives.

9. Intel – has pushed into new markets like smart phones and home electronics.

10. Disney – has invested in its future by buying the Marvel brand.

One surprising addition to the US dominated list was Marlboro at No. 17, which was praised for its push into Asian and Russian markets.

Can I list out those qualities, which had helped these products in pushing their name in the top list. If I as an individual impart those qualities in me, will certainly lead me to a brand level. To know more I would like to narrate an exercise.

What is common between me Sony and ME???

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