What was the secret of Madam Marie Query in innovation?
April 12, 2015
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Marry query , scientist was honourd for Nobel prize ( later , her two daughter were also honoured with Noble prize) for her research in her life for radium, she confessed in her life ,that, Innovation is difficult and hard road to travel.You need powerful intention to discover new ideas, new research and new accomplishments without a cause, of personal benefit . You think that humanity at large could be benefited. You want to see humanity is living in happiness.You could be wrong also but you need terrific amount of confidence every time.

Way of moving forward is never easy. You always find huge space at top and in bottom, you find very small roads , full of traffic of people.

You need to know one thing very clearly that you are moving with confidence and courage. At any moment of time, you can deliver results or create end products.

After working for more than 25 years in the field of human competency, i believe very strongly that, new idea, new way of thinking , absolute innovation and committed to creativity will open new doors of success. Remember, gold den rule of life, that, only innovation can open new door of life and new landmark of success.
You also need to take less interest in small matters, small things and minimum requirements of life , avoiding interest in objects.
I consider security, safety and comfort level are the enemies of great achievements and absolute innovation.
We all are train in the life to achieve success without high determination, high commitment and huge amount of efforts. Accomplishments are never easy. Absolute unparalleled success is possible by madness and high risk taking

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