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Learnings for Adults Motivation
How to Start In Personal Development
August 25, 2010
Everyone knows that motivation is important. Yet, not many people are able to practice motivation. Is it that hard? Or is it because they simply do not know how to? You see. Personal development has a wide scope. There are several parts for you to consider like physical, psychological and emotional aspects. Remember the saying […]
The Importance of Knowing Where Your Time Goes?
August 21, 2010
Ask any 20 people about the pressures of time. They will likely respond with the typical stories of: I am missing deadlines, I work long hours, I am not spending enough time with family or friends, or I just can’t seem to get everything done. A common reason is that there just isn’t enough time. […]
Blowing Your Own Leadership Horn
August 5, 2010
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There are two streams of competitiveness running through every organization. The first goes outward: It’s the organization’s competitive activities toward its competitors. The second goes inward: It’s the competitiveness of leaders inside the organization who are vying against one another for power, recognition, privilege and promotion. To be successful in the second, leaders must not […]