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Who needs whom? you need world or world needs you?
July 30, 2017
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Want to know something incredible yet totally true? Some of the most talented people I ever met…some of the greatest healers, therapists writers and teachers in this world, share a very interesting gift. The gift is their life experience. Amit Agarwal is blogger and today one of the best blogger of india. Shruti Anand is […]
I want 2017 to be the best year of your entire life
July 27, 2017
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I want 2017 to be the best year of your entire life & I want to help you do it personally 🙂 You see, by this point 92% of people have already given up on their New Year’s Resolutions and succumb to the idea that 2017 just isn’t going to be “Their year.” But there’s […]
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You live between 6 a.m. to 12 p.m. night. What hours make your career?
July 24, 2017
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You finish work at 6 pm, go to bed at 12 midnight. Within these six hours, how do you spend them? Watching TV? In fact, the activities you do between 6 am and 12 midnight, the importance of it is beyond your imagination. Too many people believe that, your career is determined by the 8 hours […]
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Sometimes motivation comes to you and sometimes you have to find out.
July 21, 2017
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A musician played the guitar on the operation table as he underwent a surgery at a private hospital here for a rare movement disorder affecting guitarists. The successful brain circuit surgery, believed to be the first such operation in the country, was performed on July 11 by a team of doctors from Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain […]
Do plan end , Starting without ending is wasting everything.
July 16, 2017
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Why every company needs a plan-on-a-page In order to be successful and deliver results, organisations need a good strategic plan that is concise, accessible and easy to understand. Many companies make the common mistake of thinking their plan has to be complex and lengthy for it to be “good”. In fact, the opposite is true. […]
“Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day.”
July 8, 2017
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“ “Look on the sunny side of life.” “Turn your face toward the sun, and the shadows will fall behind you.” “Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day.” “See the glass as half-full, not half-empty.” Researchers are finding that thoughts like these may actually improve health and extend […]
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silence and smile : great friends of leaders.
July 3, 2017
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Are you a natural born leader or develop leader? I believe very strongly that leadership could develop by training and development. Leaders de learn, learn, re learn and in learn. They make mistakes and have courage to make more mistakes while walking forward. Do you have what it takes to effortlessly take control? Here is […]