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21 worth asking questions.
August 17, 2018
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Let’s dive in…

What do I have in my life right now that I 100% know I don’t want or need in my life any longer?
What am I certain I do need (more of, or new) in my life as soon as possible – as fundamental anchors?
What actions am I currently taking in my life that I already know are NOT good for me?
What actions do I already know I need to be taking in my life that will make a positive difference?
What is stopping me from ceasing actions that no longer serve me and/or from starting actions that will serve me?
What do I believe about myself, my life and my future?
What emotions do I most often experience?
Who am I spending time with that bring me down and keep me feeling small, guilty, hurt, lacking confidence and second guessing myself?
What type of people (traits, characteristics) do I want to invite into my life that I know will help me to thrive?
When opportunities arise to try new things, to meet new people and to experience life in a different way, do I hesitate?
Am I acting upon all of my inspired ideas?
Am I a priority to myself – do I have dedicated time in my weekly schedule for reflection, quiet time, slow time, and just to enjoy ‘being’ without doing?
What habits do I have at present that dim my inner light, create negativity, drag me down and clip my wings?! [See this list of 28 soul-sucking habits that block your happiness to help you identify them.]
Who do I harbor resentment toward that I haven’t forgiven?
What aspect of my past (positive or negative) am I still clinging onto that keeps me looking backward instead of enjoying the present and creating my life now?
What do I feel guilty about, that I am carrying like a burden or beating myself up about?
In what ways am I lacking confidence and self-belief in regards to my talent, gifts, capabilities and possibilities for the next stage of my life – that is stopping me from flying higher?
What about my current circumstances am I resisting – like it shouldn’t be the way it is?
If I could rid myself of any recurring negative thoughts that run through my mind, what would they be?
What external circumstances and resources don’t I have, that I believe are the reason I can’t move forward in the way I want to?
Am I using excuses (regardless of how valid they appear to me) or blaming someone else, myself, life, the world, society, my boss, my family, my friends, my lack of anything – for why I can’t live any aspect of my life the way I really need/want to?
Now… remember – literally read your story (the answers you have written down). Read it aloud to yourself, but pretend it is a story that someone else wrote. Give that person a fictitious name if you wish, and do everything you can to convince yourself this is their story.

Start to see from your objective position – is this person holding themselves back?
See how they have created their own blocks from the inside out. Can you see how their own mind (beliefs, thoughts) and arising feelings are keeping them stuck?
Can you see how new perspectives (shifts in consciousness) and new actions are available to them, if they will choose courage over fear, love over hurt, and possibility above limitation?
Imagine a world where you don’t need to know HOW your life could change, only that it is possible, that it really CAN change, but that it has to start with you making new choices about what you believe, what you think, how you feel and what you do. This is the world you live in! It all begins with you making a stand for yourself and declaring that your life is worth living in a bolder, more colorful, courageous and inspired way!

To share your thoughts, questions or experiences, please do leave a comment below.

With love, Bernadette

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