March 12, 2015
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1. Always visualize day first.
Day starts in mind very early. They plan day in writing and carry those list with them .Follow it at any cost. They do not deal any compromise with list unless and untiull things go beyond control or any emergency arise.
2. Absolutely traceable and contactable
They are always contactable. They define system and ways to get to them. But they are contactable and traceable at any time of 24 hours. Where is he ? that QUESTION NEVER ARISES. If you have any emergency you can contact them.
3. Balance work and family very well
There should absolutely clear life style, they clear work and leave desk in time with clean report. They balance both roles very well. Sometimes, it is very hard to balance both roles as job profile is most unpredictable but when they have time they get straight to it!
4. Specific routines and rituals set for the start and end of every day
Staying organized isn’t all about being uptight. You should always spare some time out for things that make you who you are. You don’t want to be a prisoner of your routine now, do you?
5. They put everything where it belongs
Each and every thing is supposed to go in its rightful place. Don’t leave your socks in the fridge! They check inbox without fail and answers SMS at any cost. They know at what time they can use time and answers .They check emails, sms without fail and clear it.
6. Do’s and Don’ts list is very much clear and follow
Following a to-do list is like your primary source of organization. Never miss out on it! In fact, it is a way of life for them.
7. Goals are clear in mind
What’s more important? Get to it first!. Postpone whatever that can be done sometime later and get to the dirty-bits first. They face and meet challenges.
8. They leave room for last minute changes in the list
You’re doing just fine with your daily routine and are almost half-way through, when it out of nowhere, your best friend calls you up for an urgent meeting. Did you leave enough room for this sudden readjustment in your to-do list? You had better!
9. Space and time for them selves
Again, it’s not about being a prisoner of your routine when you can always cut some time out for yourself. Read a book, watch a movie, hit the gym; whatever that floats your boat! Move with friends, eat favourite dish, relaxing at SPA center.
11. Avoid multi tasking and give 100% to task.

Leaving unfinished business is the hallmark of a disorganized person.
11. Stay well-nourished throughout the day
Your routine needs you in order to complete. You need food in order to complete your routine. What can you possibly do without enough energy? It’s a simple equation.
12. Excellent with time and schedule
Once you’re done with your day, then would be a good time to plan for the coming day. Every day needs its own unique to-do list!
13. Develop and follow personal system
You can’t leave room for error. Have everything on your side to help you avoid them. Set alarms, reminders, and whatever else you need to deal with your tasks on time.
14. Excellent in relationship management
The best example in this regard is your relationship list. Old friend is as important as new most commercial friend. I do value most value person but they maintain their old routes. Hardly forget main routes.

15. Trying to be better

Not everything can be just the way you want it. Sometimes, “good enough” really is enough to get you by. So know where the most feasible option would suffice, and forget about making things perfect.
16. No time for useless discussion of people or events
As mentioned earlier, clutter is your worst enemy. Leave no room for it on your territory! They never discuss people and event. Even they hardly review there stage of life. They keep on moving with goals and task list.
17. Personal compass is clear and easily available
Pen? Paper? Smartphone? Spare underwear? Yes, you can need any of those at any point. Keep them around you so you don’t face any problems during emergencies.
18. Ready for challenges and obstacles
Staying organized is mainly all about preparing yourself to face turmoil, whenever it shows up. Don’t be afraid of tackling mishaps head on, deal with the elephant in the room first.
19. Sale solutions and hope for tomorrow
Pick the simplest problem-solver! They have solutions and hope for tomorrow. They see bright side of sun and never blame moon for darkness.
20. Absolute clear thinking and positive attitude

No one that can disturb you in your thinking. Absolute specific thinking require. Thoughts are clear and specific. You never find them in confusing thoughts.
21. Be specific
Very much specific with food, friends, vehicles, pen, papers, clothes, shoes and personal life style. Absolute clear and clean thinking and choices. Never find confuse for such routines.

22. Listen people and scan people.

Always listen people .Filter information .Analise information. After complete understanding they take decisions in matter. Most important is, they have their mechanism and follow those mechanism very much clearly.
23. Stand with people
They know list of well wishers and supporters. They stand with them in all odds and events like rock .They hardly occur words for those help and support. Absolute silent help and never demonstrate gesture of support. Distance with people is very much clear in their mind. They maintain distance zones very properly.
24. Walk the talk
They hardly change words. They are excellent with communication. Weather high profile or low profile, weather out spoken to introvert but they are very much strict to the words. They know very well that show must go on and show could remain continue if they follow words.
25. Review day, month and year.
They never live unexamined life. They keep on reviewing their list, priorities, important task list and goals. Persistency is very much important for them. In some of the areas, they are running late but they never quite, once decided. Believe in value addition and add values to every aspects of life.

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Dr. Shailesh Thaker is a world-renowned management thinker and trainer on organizational behavior and development. He is the CLO of Knowledge Plus Inc., a highly reputed training firm based in Ahmedabad, India, helping organizations to achieve international benchmarks in management practices.

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