5-30 a.m. and creativity
June 18, 2019
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This is 5-30 a.m. at Udaipur Rajasthan. I am in room number 204 @ resort.

Wonderful sunrise point

I have my favorite ready-made tea of course young man who served tò me.

Sunrise is coming to me and adding vitamin-d in my healthiness

I learn 3 great lessons from sun

1. Get up .rise up. Shine out even you have worst yesterday.

2. Action is everything.movement add value in you. Your brighten energy could add value to the life of others.

3. Stars and planet move around the sun. Let people around you move. Create space where people wants to be connected with you by choice, not by chance.

What a pleasant day. Great fresh opening of life.restart is everything. You can not go back and live over. But you can have a fresh beginning of life

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