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what is most important: winning or company or journey?
May 3, 2021
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Mamata Banerjee has overcome the anti-incumbency factor and is all set to come to power for a third consecutive term in West Bengal.

The Trinamool Congress chief was injured during the campaign trail and was seen in a wheelchair for much of it. In a close contest for the Nandigram seat, she faced off against her former aide Suvendhu Adhikari who quit the party and joined the BJP last year.

She had lost her election by few votes. She will be certainly chief minister of Bengal for 3rd term.

It is said that everything is fare in love and war. I do agree with it also. No point at all.

i would love to share my concern here.

What is most important?

Winning ( Result)


Public life

Private life


Karma( Action)

As per the Indian Philosophy, what is the relevance.? What is seen here? What is to be passed with the next generation.

No accedmic discussion is entertain here…Only result is important.Is not it?

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